Standard Academic Editing

Language, Grammar, and Punctuation Corrections

Comprehensive modifications are made to improve the quality of your paper. Work is completed by professional, 100% native-English speaking editors and reviewed through a strict quality control process.

Basic language editing: Spelling, word usage, punctuation.    

Detailed examination of grammatical errors, including errors in subject-verb agreement, tense, singular and plural forms, articles, nouns, subordinate clauses and expressions.    

Detailed check of word choice and improvement of inappropriate or ambiguous sentence structures.

Standard Editing Pricing​

$ 0.033 Per Word           
  • Completed Within 5 Days
  • Add $.008 for Rush (2 day) Service
  • Add $0.016 for Urgent (within 24 hours) Service

APEs FIX Guarantee: No manuscript edited by us will ever be rejected because of poor language. We take full responsibility for re-editing at no additional cost if there is a problem. We can deliver this promise to our clients because of our strict quality control systems and editors that take pride in their craftsmanship.

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