Language, grammar, and punctuation corrections. References, tables, and figures formatting. A basic grammar check to ensure native-English usage.

~ $0.033 USD per word ~

+$0.008 for Rush (2 day) Service

+$0.016 for Urgent (within 24 hours) Service


All Standard Editing services PLUS editing of the logical flow and style. Basic analysis of the logical structure and analytical reasoning.

~ $0.043 USD per word ~

+$0.008 for Rush (2 day) Service

+$0.016 for Urgent (within 24 hours) Service


All Standard and Premium Editing services PLUS analysis and in-depth restructuring of the text to refine the narrative and insightful analysis.

~ $0.053 USD per word ~

+$0.008 for Rush (2 day) Service

+$0.016 for Urgent (within 24 hours) Service

Getting published is a difficult but critical step in the career path of academics and professionals of all kinds. It can be a daunting task – from finding a suitable journal to adhering to their strict requirements. The slightest mistake can result in an outright rejection. Our APEs are here to worry about these minor details, so you can focus on the big ideas.

We work with document formats of every type, including .docx and .doc (MS Word documents), .odt (Open Document Text files), and .txt files. We also accept other formats, such as Latex files, .pdf (Adobe Acrobat documents), or image files. Our editors are comfortable working with all style guides, including APA, Chicago/Turabian, MLA, and Harvard.

Why should you hire a professional editor? When your manuscript is first submitted to a journal it is critically examined before being peer reviewed. Elsevier, one of the world’s leading publishing companies (420,000 articles published annually in 2,500 journals), estimates that approximately 30 to 50 percent of submissions are rejected before ever reaching the peer review stage, and “poor language” is one of the top reasons for rejection. By hiring a professional editor, you can maximize your chances of publication. A manuscript that is free of language and grammar errors is not only professional, but it also ensures that your ideas are communicated clearly and effectively.

APEs FIX guarantees that no article edited by us will be rejected because of language issues.

APEs is your source for superior quality editing. What about our prices? The difference is clear:

APEs FIX Prices

  • Standard Editing $0.033 per word
  • Premium Editing $0.043 per word
  • Supreme Editing $0.053 per word

Other Editing Companies

  • Standard Editing $0.07 per word
  • Premium Editing $0.09 per word
  • Supreme Editing $0.11 per word

That’s greater than 50% in savings when ordering through APEs FIX. Still not sure? Want to try it out? Send us your text and we will edit a sample of up to 300 words. If you’re not satisfied, you owe nothing.

These are just some of the many editing projects our APEs have worked on: manuscript editing, thesis editing, editing for presentations, speeches, e-mails, brochures, grant applications, resumes, cover letters, academic websites, annual reports, recommendation letters, video presentation editing, and medical editing.

Need something edited but don’t see it listed above? Chances are we can do it! We’ve worked with nearly EVERY type of text and for a wide variety of purposes.

What Else Do We Do?

Our translation experts are available to translate books, manuscripts, posters, documents, and texts of all kinds, including, but not limited to the following languages:

Chinese <-> English, Thai <-> English, Vietnamese <-> English, Japanese <-> English, Korean <-> English, Russian <-> English, Hindi <-> English, French <-> English, and more!

Translators are fluent in both the source and target language, in addition to being experts in the relevant field of study.

We do more than just help with editing, translating, and formatting. Our advising experts provide consultation services to our clients. We can help find the right journals to submit your manuscripts to, advise on which universities to apply to, and evaluate your application so you know what your strengths are, and which weaknesses you may need to address.

Our professionals are skilled and knowledgeable with designing posters, resumes, presentations, and more. Contact us today to see how we can help ensure your ideas are presented clearly and effectively.

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