Self-Editing? Why not?

Should You Self-Edit Your Writing?       For authors, the temptation to self-edit, possibly saving time and money, is alluring. There is a real sense of accomplishment that comes with finishing your writing, and the urgency to get it in front of readers is real, too. However, there is a flip side to this positivity. Rushing […]

Academic Writing for Graduate Students – How to Maximize Your Chances of Publication in an Academic Journal

If you are an academic, your career path partly depends on turning your research and theories into papers that get published in academic journals. These journals bring you to the attention of other researchers and students worldwide. However, academic journals have strict standards that your papers must meet. The following guide offers 6 tips to […]

Affect vs Effect: What’s the Difference?

      Knowing when to use affect with an “a” and effect with an “e” is a common grammatical problem that troubles even the strongest writers. Why do both words exist? Is it easier to just use two totally different words in their spots?       Even though we might like them to, affect and effect aren’t […]

Writing with Authority

Learning to write with authority is one of the greatest challenges novice writers face. While most people recognize authority when they see it, they are usually at a loss when they try to explain it. In truth, writing with authority is a multi-faceted skill set; proper organization, presentation, language, voice, and research all play important roles […]

Ceritificates Available

Need Proof? Official APEs FIX Certificates are now available.  Do you need proof that your work has been edited or translated by a professional?  Our Certificates complete with the apefix company seal and signed by Editor-In-Chief are available for when you need official proof of services rendered.  These can be useful if your paper has […]

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